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Terms of Service


Terms and Conditions of Use Site.


These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of services offered by, including services for purchase and sale of goods, products and services within the site Anyone wishing to use the services of must accept the Terms and Conditions of Use Site, and all other policies and principles that govern it.




The user should read, make sure there understood and accept all conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies, as well as other documents incorporated by reference to these before your registration as User's GorillaTrans.


The use of the web site features that the user has read, understood and agree to the conditions stipulated in these Terms of Use If you do not agree with the conditions set out in that Agreement, shall not use this web site.




1 - Object


The services subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use are to offer the User a space to advertise available vehicles and loads to be transported. therefore enables users to transfer knowledge of each other and allows them to negotiate with each other directly, without the intervention of in finalizing the business and is not, as such, any supplier of the services advertised, and these solely the responsibility of its users.




2 - Ability to register


The services are available only to people who have legal capacity to hire them. They can not use them, so people who do not enjoy such capacity, including under eighteen (18) years of age, or persons who have been the unqualified, temporarily or permanently.

Nor is it allowed that a person has more than one registration. If detect, through the verification system data, duplicate entries will disqualify all entries permanently.

Corporations may register through their legal representative.




3 - Sign Up


User is  the person who satisfies all the fields of the register who is confirmed after the registration. The future User must complete it with accurate, truthful and accurate and undertakes to update Personal Data whenever anything changes in them. The reserves the right to use all means possible and valid to identify its users and validate the information provided by them. not responsible for the correctness of personal data entered by its users. Users guarantee and respond, in any case, for the truthfulness, accuracy and authenticity of registered Personal Data. reserves the right to use all means possible to identify valid and its users, as well as request additional data and documents it deems to be relevant in order to provide Personal Data informed.


If decides to check the accuracy of the registration information of a user and is found to exist between them incorrect or untrue information, or if you steal or deny whether to send the required documents, can block ads to suspend temporarily definitely or cancel the registration, without prejudice to any other measures deemed necessary and appropriate.

Having to apply any of the sanctions referred to above, will be automatically canceled ads served by him, not watching you, for this reason, any sort of compensation or reimbursement.

The User will access the account via username and password and agree to not report to third parties such data, taking responsibility for the full use of them is made.

The User will access your account via username and password and agree to not report to third parties such data, taking responsibility for the full use of them is made.

 Nicknames deemed offensive will be removed, as well as those containing personal data of the user or any URL or email address. reserves the right to refuse any application for registration and cancel a registration previously accepted, in its sole discretion.

In no event will be allowed to transfer, sell, rent or otherwise transfer your account (including qualifications and reputation). Also do not allow the maintenance of a register for more than one person, or even the creation of new entries by persons whose registration documents have been canceled for violations of policies




4 - Duties and responsibilities of the User


- Notify the immediately, and through secure means, in respect of any unauthorized use of your account, as well as unauthorized access by third parties to the same. The user is solely responsible for the transactions made on your account, since access to it will only be possible by affixing the password, which is unique knowledge of the user.

- Provide accurate information and its ownership;

- Be responsible for any information or statement originated with your username and password;

- Keep your confidential user ID (name and password);

- Log out of your account as soon longer access it, especially if you share the computer with someone else;

- Follow all determinations of this Term of Use




5 - Modifications of the Terms and Conditions may change at any time these Terms and Conditions, seeking its improvement and improved services. The new Terms and Conditions will take effect 10 days after published on the site. By accessing your account after modifying its terms, the User will be required to agree to changes to continue enjoying our services. If you disagree with the changes its terms, the contractual relationship will cease to exist, provided there are no outstanding debts or bills. If there is no manifestation on time, we understand that the User tacitly accepted the new Terms and Conditions and the contract binding the parties continue.


The changes do not remain in force in relation to negotiations and announcements have already started to the time that the same changes are published. For these, the Terms and Conditions of Use will stand with the previous wording.




6 - Announcements may remove any posting at odds with the policies and rules of the site.

May only be advertised / tendered loads whose content is in full compliance with Brazilian legislation.


It is the sole responsibility of the User to ensure the legality of the charges announced and transport services offered.

The assumes no responsibility for their existence on the site or by negotiations that do not comply with the restrictions described in the Terms and Conditions of Use Site




7 - Privacy Information


Any personal information or data provided by the User is stored on magnetic media servers or high security. take all possible steps to maintain the confidentiality and security described in this clause, but not be responsible for exploaitation that may be derived from the violation of these measures by third parties using public networks or the internet, subverting the security systems to Users access the information.



For questions about the protection of personal data, or for more information about personal data and cases in which confidentiality may be broken to in this clause, refer to page Privacy Policy.




8 - Limitation of Liability


Because be a kind of meeting point between shippers and transporatores, and not participate in transactions that take place between them, responsible for all obligations, be they fiscal, labor, consumer or of any other nature arising from transactions originated in the virtual space of the site are solely the User. In case of judicial Defendant as having the whose facts merge into users' actions, this process should be called to bear all the burdens resulting therefrom under relevant acts of Law.


Due to this feature of the site, can not compel the User or to honor its obligation to complete the negotiation.



Taxes: not responsible for the obligations of a tax levied on the trades between the User. Thus, the User, pursuant to law, shall be liable for the completeness of the obligations arising from its activities, notably by taxes. is not the owner of the vehicles offered loads and does not keep possession of them and do not realize the offerings of transport. Neither spoke at the conclusion of the negotiation of the ads on the site. is not responsible for the accuracy of the personal data entered by users in their registrations. Each User acknowledges and accepts to be solely responsible for the products it advertises or offers for that place. not be responsible for the effective fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the user. User acknowledges and agrees that to hold talks with other users or third parties do so at your own risk. In no event be liable for lost profits or any other damage and / or loss that User may suffer due to transactions made or not made by arising from the conduct of other users. recommends that every transaction is done with caution and common sense. The User must weigh the risks of trading, assuming it can be possibly dealing with minors or persons making use of false identities. not responsible for the transactions between users, even those signed based on confidence in the services provided by


In cases where one or more users or any third start any kind of complaint or legal action against one or more other users, each and every one of the users involved in claims or actions disclaim all liability and its directors, officers, employees , agents, workers, representatives and attorneys, also observed the provisions of this clause and the clause.




9 - Sealed Practices


Users may not: a) interfere in transactions between other users; b) advertise loads of content prohibited by law c) attack, vilify, defame or insult other users.


This type of behavior can be dealt with by suspension or cancellation of the notice, or the suspension or cancellation of your registration as a user of, without prejudice to the legal actions that may occur by setting the crimes or misdemeanors or damage to civilian may cause to users.




10 - Violation of the System or Database


It is not allowed to use any device, software, or other resource that will interfere in the activities and operations of as well as in advertisements, descriptions, or accounts your databases. Any intrusion, attempted, or activity that violates or contravenes the laws of intellectual property rights and / or the prohibitions set forth in these Terms and Conditions of Use Site, become responsible subject of legal actions, including the penalties provided herein, is still responsible for compensation for damage caused.




11 - Penalties


Without prejudice to other measures, the may warn, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, a User's account at any time, and initiate appropriate legal action if:

a) the User fails to comply with any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use Site and other policies;

b) if you fail to comply with their duties with the User;

c) if you engage in deceptive or fraudulent;

d) if it can not be verified the identity of any User or information provided by him is incorrect;

e) if the understand that ads or any User's attitude has caused some damage to others or to himself or have the capability to do so.


In cases of disqualification of the User's registration, all active ads and / or offers made will be canceled automatically and the information that the user no longer belongs to the community will be included next to the username, without the return of any amounts paid to Gorillatrans .


The GorillaTrans reserves the right at any time and at its sole discretion, require the submission of personal documentation.




12 - Scope of Services


These Terms and Conditions do not create any partnership agreement, in office, franchise or employment relationship between User and can not ensure the success of every transaction, nor verify the identity or the personal data of users. not guarantee the validity of the publication of third parties that appear on your site and will not be responsible for correspondence or contracts with third parties to perform the User.




13 - Intellectual Property and links


Commercial use of the expression, and the name of the drawings "" as a trademark, company name or domain name, as well as the contents of the screens on services like programs, databases, networks, files that enable the User to access and use your Account are owned by and are protected by international laws and treaties of copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial designs. Misuse and total or partial reproduction of these contents are prohibited unless the express permission of


The site may link to other web sites (which does not mean that these sites are owned or operated by Having no control over these sites, not responsible for the content, practices and services offered therein. The presence of links to other sites does not imply endorsement of company, supervising, complicity or sympathy with the to these sites and their contents.




14 - Indemnity


The User shall indemnify, its affiliates, subsidiaries or parent companies, officers, directors, employees, representatives and employees for any claim promoted by other users or third parties arising from their activities on the site or your breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use Site and other policies, or the violation of any law or the rights of others, including attorneys' fees.




15 - Attachments


They are integral and inseparable part of these Terms and Conditions of Website Use the following documents and / or sections of incorporated by reference, which can be found on their website by clicking on the corresponding page cited below:


Privacy in




16 - Governing Law and Jurisdiction


All items of these General Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil. For all matters relating to the interpretation and performance of this Agreement, the parties submit to the Court except for complaints submitted by users that fall within the legal concept of consumers, who may refer the same to the forum domicile.


If there are any questions or comments about these Terms of Use, please write to: