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1) What is the

The is a web portal created as a result of a friendship and partnership of Brazilian and Croatian businessmen. It is represented in Brazil and Latin America by name Activities Pte., And MRI Ltd. in Croatia and Europe. Our goal is to create a great channel for direct communication between the cargo and transport vehicles, in order to reduce downtime, maximize the useful load space, compare freight rates and therefore increase efficiency and reduce cost of cargo transportation. The site has advanced search tool, SmartSearch and ActiveMatch enabling you to perfom customised reqests to fit your current need.


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2) Who can use Gorillatrans?

The web portal of can be used by any company or person who has a computer with internet access and who seek or offer cargo or freight, for example:

   - Carriers;

   - Autonomous Cargo Carriers;

   - Cargo Agents ;

   - Companies,

   - other legal entities that require cargo transportation;

   - Individuals looking for cargo transport.


The website offers database and direct communication channel between its users, for free negotiation of freight or cargo among its customers.


3) Using

To use, click on the flag of your country, in the upper right corner of the homepage. You can perform searches of cargo and trucks only available by clicking on the options you want, follow the instructions that appear on your screen and filling in the required fields. It is easy to use, and all the results that fit your search will appear on the screen automatically. For safety and comfort of customers, all customers must register on the site by filling out an online form with details, before gaining access to our contact database. Other data can be sought withiut registration. By registering, you will be able to use all functions of You can search and advertise available loads and trucks and have access to data from advertisers, including specific details like address and time of loading and unloading are restricted to the negotiating parties.

4) What are the advantages of

The shipper will be able to choose the best route for freight and transport your cargo between autonomous drivers, contractors or carriers, reducing the time and costs in the search for transport.

The carrier will be able to access and receive information load in various parts of the country by reducing the waiting time at border stop and occurrence travel without load, maximizing the usable space of the cart.

5) How much does it cost to use the

Access to the site is currently free of charge.